Vision and Inspiration

Established in 2005 and based out of Galveston, Texas, Coastal Columns is firmly installed as the most proficient Concrete Forming System Company in this region. We have helped build some of the most note-worthy homes in the area, including; The Idea House, Beachtown and Bolivar Peninsula.

President and Owner, Jon Michael Gullette has brought 20 years of widely varied experience into his vision of how thing should be built. Starting in the heyday of American Ship building, he took part in the engineering and construction of the three largest Tug/Barge combinations ever built in the world. From there, a brief stint in the offshore oilfield and then a lengthy stay in the Hughes Tool Company in the 1980's, as a top shelf welder, mechanic and operator of such marvels as the Hughes CSD300. Throughout his journey, Mike has been tutored by some of the most respected craftsmen in the country.

Mike’s inspiration for Coastal Columns came after witnessing a concrete column job underway using job built forms. Using this traditional method required a large amount of staging, on-site construction and assembly that was time consuming, labor intensive and very inefficient.  Always the creative mind, he immediately knew there was a better way and set off to develop his idea.

His goal was to design a lightweight, reusable column form that was easy to transport and assemble at the job site.

Mike’s reputation for professionalism, integrity, and fairness to all has grown proportionate to his desire to build it better and stronger than ever before.