Coastal Foundation System

The Coastal Foundation System is a fully engineered, elevated foundation solution designed for use in coastal regions and flood prone area’s.  Each foundation is engineered to meet or exceed requirements for elevation height required by ABFE / BFE, design wind speed, flood zone and soil parameters. Our system can be used for new construction or existing homes in need of raising for foundation replacement.

We can replace your existing, flood damaged foundation with our Coastal Foundation System without shifting or moving your house offsite

We offer permit ready packages that include:

  • Soil Borings
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Foundation Design
  • Decks, stairs and mechanical platform design
  • Sub pile, grade beam, structural slab and column installation
  • Site Inspections


  • Stronger, safer option that cost less to insure
  • Designed for use in coastal flood hazard area’s, V Zone and A Zone
  • House can be raised in place, no shifting or off site move required
  • Creates additional space for parking, garage, storage or living area
  • Rapid installation process expedites construction
  • Fully engineered, permit ready package
  • Proven effective system available today


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