Foundation Replacement

Elevated Foundation Replacement That Requires a Single House Lift Only

Raise and “Rebuild it Stronger” on our superior strength concrete columns. Coastal Columns specializes in elevated foundation systems made of rock solid concrete.  We have a proven system for building stronger foundations and elevating structures in flood zone V, Coastal A and A that requires a single house lift only.  Each foundation is engineered to meet or exceed requirements for elevation height required by ABFE / BFE, design wind speed, flood zone and soil parameters.

Elevating an existing home on wood piles requires raising the home and then rolling it out of the way to make room for heavy machinery to drive the piles into the ground.  The tight spacing of many shore homes and beach communities may require multiple house rolls or temporary relocation to make room for pile driving. Home raising costs increase by thousands of dollars with every roll.  All construction must stop and start multiple times during this process causing unwanted delays.

Coastal Columns has patented an efficient cast in place concrete column forming system. Our patented system allows 8’ to 20’+ foot tall concrete columns to be formed and poured on site. A single flow of concrete is poured into the forms to produce a monolithic locking column that delivers increased lateral strength. All work is completed underneath the raised house that requires a single lift only, no rolls required. This innovative construction method has been used along the Gulf Coast since 2005.  Homes built on Coastal Columns stood strong in the wake of hurricane Ike with only minimal cosmetic damage.


  • House is raised on location, does not need to be moved off site
  • Existing wood piles can be cut and reused as sub piles to anchor new footers or grade beam
  • Our forms enable new concrete columns to be cast in place under the house
  • Our forms are height adjustable for different BFE elevation requirements
  • Our column lock increases lateral strength of columns
  • Scalable modular design that streamlines engineering & permitting
  • Rapid installation process, jobs are completed in weeks vs. months
  • Increased safety and security of concrete locking columns vs. wood

We offer permit ready packages that include:

  • Soil Borings
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Foundation Design
  • Decks, stairs and mechanical platform design
  • Sub pile, grade beam, structural slab and column installation
  • Site Inspections


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