Sandy Recovery

Field Proven Solutions by Elevated Foundation Experts

If your home or business was damaged by Superstorm Sandy, selecting the proper elevated foundation solution is one of the most important decisions you will make.  Foundations in coastal environments are different; they must be designed and installed to carry greater loads, resist higher winds and withstand greater forces from flood waters, storm surge and wave action to provide effective, long-term mitigation.

This is a very specialized field that requires professional engineering and expertise in coastal foundation construction. Installation requires experience across deep, shallow and above grade foundations. The overall solution should be field proven with examples of completed projects.

Before you decide, consider the following:

Expertise - We specialize in fully engineered, elevated foundation systems in coastal environments. 

Experience - Our elevated foundation systems have been in use for coastal construction projects and beach front homes in Galveston since 2005.

Field Proven - Homes built on Coastal Columns survived Hurricane Ike with only minimal cosmetic damage.

Industry Leadership - Patented custom formwork products for cast in place concrete columns and column locking system. Column lock strengthens column to beam connection, creates isolation joint that increases lateral strength and was awarded “Most Innovative Product by World of Concrete in 2011”. 

Complete Solution - Each foundation is designed, engineered and installed to meet or exceed requirements for elevation height required by FEMA BFE, design wind speed, flood zone and soil parameters in Coastal A, A and V zones.

Engineering Team - Licensed Professional Engineers in NJ, DE, MD, NY, VA, TX, and LA that belong to the American Society of Civil Engineers, National Society of Professional Engineers, International Code Council, and the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

Single House Lift - Our patented concrete column forming system enables concrete columns to be formed and poured on site. All work is completed underneath the raised house that requires a single lift only, no rolls required

Efficiency - Concrete columns are formed and poured onsite through a rapid installation process that enables projects to be completed in weeks vs. months that get you back in your home faster.

Compliance - Our open foundation system designs are based on FEMA P-550, Recommended Residential Construction for Coastal Areas: Building on Strong and Safe Foundations.


FEMA P-550 Recommended Residential Construction for Coastal Areas

Recommended Residential Construction for Coastal Areas
Building on Strong and Safe Foundations FEMA P-550, Second Edition / December 2009

FEMA P-550 Appendix A Foundation Design Drawings

This appendix contains the Case A through Case G drawings originally developed for the July 2006 edition of FEMA 550 and the new Case H drawings developed for this Second Edition of FEMA 550.